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This week we have a great guest post from Ramadass of MJ Physio in Vancouver, Canada, discussing some great exercises to help improve balance and help with common risks of aging. In combination with nutrition, staying active is a crucial component of staying healthy. Therefore, ensuring that you decrease your risk of injury and chronic pain as you age, while remaining independent, so that you can remain active and feel your best. Check out the full guest post below for some great insight into these benefits of physical therapy and some exercises to try.

** Please consult your doctor and/or physical therapist before incorporating any new exercises.**

It is a very common fact that as people age, they tend to lose their strength and might also lose their flexibility. In such scenarios, people usually lose their balance. This is where physical therapy or exercises comes into the picture. Physical therapy has been proven to retain one’s strength and flexibility. Physical therapy, when done under proper guidance, can be a boon to elders to retain their independence.

Reasons why physical therapy for seniors can be beneficial

1.        Fall recovery: For seniors, even a minor accident can end up leading to serious injuries.  There is also a high risk of having bone fractures or other injuries. Physical therapy could be very helpful for seniors to retain strength.

2.        Lower the risk of injury: Through the proper guidance of physiotherapists, seniors will learn how to maintain stability while walking and moving.

3.        Reduce chronic pain: Seniors will gain knowledge on reducing the discomforts caused due to chronic pain like arthritis and, also, assist with future symptoms.

4.        Lower the consumption of prescription drugs: In general, many seniors have some challenges with chronic pain and, to get rid of such pain, they might take medications prescribed by physicians. Physical therapy can help you decrease or eliminate the need for such medications.

5.        Lead an independent lifestyle: As people age, they, many times, become dependent on others either due to their illness or some other sort of discomfort. Through Physiotherapy, one can recover from many of these discomforts and can help people redevelop or maintain their independence.

Check out the infographic below the top 5 powerful balance exercises for seniors created by MJPhysio physiotherapy in Vancouver.

Physical therapy for the elders

I hope you enjoyed this great post and infographic and would love to hear your feedback!

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