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Have you ever pushed yourself to exercise even when you weren’t in the mood and felt happier, accomplished and more motivated? If so, you weren’t just imagining it, exercise has been shown time and time again to not only improve physical health, but also mental health! Check out this fantastic guest post and great infographic below to show the different mental health benefits of exercise!

There’s no greater feeling than breaking a sweat and finishing a killer workout. Even if you didn’t feel motivated that day, you still pushed yourself and felt great after. Exercise doesn’t just impact us physically, it also has a huge impact on our mental health and is a needed form of self-care. Whether you’re going for a jog or doing some Zumba, any movement can help boost your mood and improve your mental state. 

Studies show that exercise can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. With so many of us being forced to spend more time at home, these feelings aren’t uncommon, and exercise can help combat these symptoms. 

Exercise can also help grow your social life, boost your self-esteem, improve sleep, and help reduce effects of chronic diseases. 

To help us understand the science-backed benefits of exercise, check out this visual from Naked Nutrition that explores 8 ways exercise supports mental health

mental health benefits of exercise>

**Please note where clean eating is mentioned, nutrition that focuses on a balanced eating lifestyle will provide these benefits. Please talk to a Registered Dietitian like Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN for guidance on the best nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for you**

I hope you enjoyed this great infographic and guest post and would love to hear your feedback! How do you feel exercise benefits you?

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