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Check out this great guest post and infographic from Kiana Mason of Kitchen Cabinet Kings discussing the therapeutic benefits of cooking and baking. During such a challenging time in the world today finding healthy, therapeutic outlets is crucial. Keep in mind, while using cooking and baking as a therapeutic activity, try your best to find healthier, inventive recipes, and to make foods that are going to benefit your body and your mind. Please enjoy the guest post below:  

To say that these recent months have been challenging and emotionally draining would be an understatement. People across the US (and the world) have been turning to cooking and baking as a form of comfort. Some people have been picking it up as a hobby, out of necessity due to restricted restaurant access or to fill the time. There are actually many science-backed reasons why comfort food is, well, comforting. We’re not even talking about the satisfaction of eating a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal but the act of making it.

Cooking is a primitive human function that helps us connect to a contemplative state. This state creates a sense of calm. This, of course, is more effective if you aren’t rushing to make a meal. Try making more time to cook and taking more time to enjoy your food, not only will it help you consume healthier quantities of food, but it will also put you in a better state of mind.

Studies have also shown that doing something creative the night before, will put you in a better mood for the following day — another reason to meal prep the night before! Try winding down by preparing your meals for the following day, it’s said to produce effects similar to meditation

Try a new recipe or learn a new technique to help boost your confidence and your ability to learn new skills. Researchers Dr. Elizabeth Anne McKay and CertEd Lesley Hayley tell us that cooking is a productive activity that leaves us feeling accomplished after a meal or snack is complete. 

See additional information and tips below in this visual about using cooking as therapy (courtesy of Kitchen Cabinet Kings).

Thank you again Kiana for the fantastic guest post.

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Wishing you all happiness and health in these trying times,

Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

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