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We have another fantastic guest post this week from guest writer Kevin Wells of discussing some fantastic nutrient rich foods that can become increasingly important to include in your balanced, healthy eating lifestyle as you age to help keep you at your healthiest. Check out the full post below for these great tips and suggestions!

 **Please note that these are general suggestions and can differ depending on the individual or if you have specific medical conditions, please contact your Registered Dietitian or medical practitioner with any questions or concerns.**

As our bodies age, it becomes increasingly urgent that we make sure to feed them the right foods. This becomes doubly (if not triply) true as we enter our senior years, with the nutrients that fuel our bodies becoming more and more vital to our ability to function on a daily basis. Many senior citizens need to pay special attention to their diets, taking care to ensure that they’re getting the vitamins and nutrients their bodies require. Sometimes this means adhering to a specific diet, making sure to include foods that will give your body what it needs. Other times, this means supplementing the right diet with a multivitamin or something else that can fill in the gaps, so to speak.

Even if you’re taking care to enjoy a sensible diet on a regular basis, you still might need to take action to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. The following strategies can help you to achieve this goal.

Get Plenty of Fiber

Making sure to consume a lot of fiber is one of the keys to a senior-friendly diet. Not only does a diet rich in fiber help you to safeguard your heart’s health, but it also makes sure that your digestive tract is functioning as it should be.

The best way to add fiber to your diet is by making sure to consume lots of foods like beans and whole grains. Vegetables are also a rich source of fiber, so chowing down on broccoli and green beans will do a lot of good for your digestive tract.

Take a Multivitamin

Even with a great diet, your body still might have some nutritional gaps that can be easily filled in by taking a multivitamin on a regular basis. You might want to speak with a doctor or nutritionist to figure out which choice is best for you, based on your individual needs and current diet.

The best multivitamins are typically ones that offer at least your full daily dose of the key vitamins — vitamin K, vitamin A, biotin, and so forth. Look for a way to make sure you are getting everything you need on a daily basis so you don’t wind up neglecting any key nutritional bodily requirements as a result.

Lots of Antioxidants

You might have started to consider “antioxidants” to just be another dietary buzzword, but they can be remarkably important, especially as we grow older.

Antioxidants can be significantly beneficial when it comes to reducing something known as oxidative stress, which is a process by which our tissues are degraded and worn down at an accelerated rate. Making sure to include a variety of foods rich in antioxidants (when consumed within a well balanced eating lifestyle) — green tea, blueberries, strawberries, and citrus fruits — can neutralize the free radicals that cause this oxidative stress, helping to limit inflammation and generally helping to keep your body healthier.

Including a variety of antioxidants rich foods in your healthy eating lifestyle can limit some of the inflammation that tends to come with old age, as well as to maintain a healthier state of being within your body.

Eat Right and Enjoy Healthy Golden Years

Making sure to stick with a balanced diet can make a huge difference as we enter the later stages of our lives. Our bodies become less and less resilient as we age, meaning that anything we do to improve our quality of life will go quite a long way.

Taking care to enjoy a healthy diet, rich in the proper nutrients, is one of the best ways to keep yourself feeling healthy and energized as you enter your senior years. Enjoy healthy eating strategies to make sure you continue feeling great!

NEW ADDITION TO THE POST- Check out this great infographic by Senior Gateways with some more tips to stay healthy as you age!

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