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Just because we inevitably get older each year, doesn’t mean that we have to let ourselves feel older and less healthy. Our guest blog post this week by Kevin Wells of, provides some of these great, simple tips to help you engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors and take control over your health and your aging process.

Many people assume that a decline in health is inevitable as they get older, but that’s not necessarily the case. Many of the physical and mental problems experienced by seniors are a result of lifestyle factors. This is good news, as it means you can take control of your health by engaging with some key healthy habits and making small changes to your environment.

Exercise Regularly

People assume they can’t exercise as they age, which can leave them in worse physical shape and make it harder to exercise. If you’re intimidated by exercise, try something gentle; to get you started, try yoga for seniors or take a daily walk around the neighborhood.

Eat Well

There are many reasons why a senior may stop eating well as they grow old: cooking becomes harder, they don’t like preparing food for themselves, or they struggle to buy ingredients. Pinpointing your reasons will help you come up with a solution. Try one of these easy recipes for seniors, invite friends over more often, or sign up for a food delivery service.

Sleep Well

Seniors often experience sleep problems as they grow older:they have a harder time falling asleep, wake up more often during the night,and experience less REM sleep. A relaxation routine before bed can help you fall asleep, as can a more comfortable mattress. However, if insomnia symptoms persist, speak to a doctor to pinpoint a more specific issue.

Try Meditation

Meditation is an extremely beneficial practice for mental health, and it reduces anxiety and helps you become more focused and mindful. Other wonderful benefits for seniors include improved memory, cognitive function, and circulation.

Get Social

Many seniors become isolated as they grow older, which leads to loneliness and mental health problems, including depression. It is important to make an effort to socialize as much as possible,and to try to meet new people. If this sounds scary, remember that there are thousands of seniors in the exact same boat as you and are just as keen to make friends.

Keep Your Mind Busy

One of the reasons that cognitive decline happens in old age is that we tend to stop learning new things and challenging our minds. There is some evidence that ongoing brain stimulation could help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, so keep your brain active through puzzle games, manual hobbies, or by learning a new skill and language.

Invest In Smart Tech

Modern technology has allowed for a vast range of new innovations when it comes to healthcare and, more specifically, senior well-being. This guide by Home Advisor contains some great tips on budget-friendly smart home technologies that can help you age safely and comfortably, including the best products for visually and hearing impaired seniors.

There is also an optimized, updated and fully encompassing guide to access more smart home technology resources that is even more accessible for those using assistive technology that you can access at .

Stay Informed About Your Healthcare

Don’t forget to regularly check in with your Medicare provision to make sure you are aware of any changes to your coverage and any opportunities for additional plans. The Medicare website is full of information, updates, and resources.

Modify Your Home

If you intend to age in place, make sure that your home is suited for it. Key home modifications that seniors should consider include installing grab bars in bathrooms, changing the flooring to a non-slip material, and installing ramps at steps.

Staying healthy as a senior is mostly a matter of cultivating and maintaining healthy habits. By incorporating these into your daily routine, you can hugely boost your happiness and well-being as you grow older. You can then combine these with suitable adjustments to your environment that can prevent injuries and keep you safe and comfortable.

I hope you enjoy these tips from our guest blogger and would love to hear your feedback or any other tips you have found successful in staying healthy as you get older!

Wishing you a week of health and wellness,

Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

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