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This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the “Ask a Nutritionist: Healthy Food is Fun” Expo. Myself as well as a range of other wellness providers set up booths to provide answers to health and nutrition questions, provide some healthy snack options, and of course a wide range of health topic presentations. The opportunity to combine a wide range of wellness practitioners in one place was fantastic for both the providers as well as those who were able to attend and receive a wide range of information all in one place.

From my personal booth I wanted to provide overall information on the importance of individualized, maintainable nutrition lifestyle changes, the how to’s and importance of including mindful practices for nutrition and health, and of course providing a quick and easy to make balanced snack idea: Quinoa and almond butter energy balls.

For those of you who were not there, I have provided access to the video of my mindful eating presentation:

Additionally I wanted to provide you all with the recipe for this delicious quinoa and almond butter energy balls.

Ingredients (2 balls= one well balanced snack):

Almond Butter (3 cups)

Quinoa Puffs (purchased on (6 cups)

Vanilla extract (6 tsp)


Mix all ingredients into a bowl uniformly

Let set in fridge for 20 minutes

Roll into ping pong size balls

(Can include dried fruit, eg raisins into balls if desired)

I hope you enjoy the presentation and this delicious recipe! Please feel free to share any of your own mindful eating experiences, or questions you have about mindful eating, or any feedback you may have about the recipe!

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Wishing you a week of mindfulness, health, and happiness,

-Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

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