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Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Even if you happen to still be experiencing some cold weather, this is the time of the year where we all begin to come out of that “winter hibernation” mood and ramp up for warmer weather, fresh spring air, and get that little bump in motivation to clean and refresh!  At this point, many of us who tried a new fad diet for our new year’s resolution have given up on the diet (check out our free report at to learn why this happens), we have gotten caught up in work and that winter weather hibernation mode where we tend to eat a little more, we have been inside more frequently, and now have that extra motivation to reset! This happens to be a great opportunity to, not only clean out your closet, but to also do some spring cleaning for your health and nutrition! Check out these great tips below to get you started this spring!

  1. Clean out your fridge and pantry– Many times we allow our fridge, freezer, and pantry to get cluttered and unorganized, filled with foods we decide we aren’t going to eat anymore, foods that have gone bad, and the foods we are continuing to buy. Go through your fridge/freezer/pantry and throw away the foods that have gone bad and throw away or donate the foods that you don’t like to eat any more or work against your health goals. Once you have done this, organize your food in a “FIFO” pattern, meaning first food in, first food out with all food options visible. By cleaning out the clutter and organizing your food in this manner, you won’t forget that you have certain foods/staples already in the house and you minimize waste through consuming your oldest food first and preventing unseen foods from rotting.
  2. Re-evaluate your mindset- If you have gotten caught up in the craziness of the first quarter of the year and have gotten off track with your goals, take a moment to stop and re-evaluate your goals and mindset. Develop your priorities and a plan to reach them in order to minimize stress and feelings of being overwhelmed while allowing for the opportunity to be more efficient, successful and find time to enjoy spring!
  3. Change up your exercise routine- If you are getting a little bored with or have noticed your exercise behaviors slipping, use spring as an opportunity to try incorporating new activities that you maybe couldn’t do during winter. Go for a hike, walk outdoors, go swimming, ride your bike, go to an outdoor yoga class, or try a new in-door activity (if you aren’t a fan of the outdoors).
  4. Get rid of those less healthy thought processes- Create a healthy lifestyle around food that fits within your schedule and promotes long-term, overall health rather than just having an end goal. Stop negative judgments toward yourself and others. While body image can become an even bigger concern as weather moves toward “bathing suit and shorts season,” it is crucial to develop a healthy mindset around your body, accepting it at every stage of the process and remaining positive toward yourself and your body rather than driving weight/health goals through criticism. Minimize that negativity toward others as well as this creates a negative mindset that fights our ability to maintain healthy relationships with others and ourselves/our bodies.
  5. Evaluate your support system- Explore who in your life is helping promote your overall health and nutrition goals and those who are not. If at all possible, eliminate or adjust the relationship with those negative relationships in your life and foster the positive, supportive relationships. Accountability within a support system is very beneficial in reaching and maintaining health and nutrition goals.


What are you doing this spring to clean up your health and nutrition?

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Wishing you a revitalizing spring!

-Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

A Taste of Health, LLC

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