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Many times we work so hard to reach our health goals, whether it is weight management, recovering from an eating disorder, or any new diagnosis that requires nutrition or lifestyle changes, and we are met with difficulty or failure. Many times these come down to environmental stressors that prevent us from continuing to work toward our goals. If we are in an unsupportive environment, it increases our risk of failure significantly whether that means having foods available that you tend to overeat, individuals that promote negative mindsets or do not understand what you are dealing with, or feeling like you don’t have the ability to communicate or feel safe in your environment. It is crucial to take the time to develop a healthy supportive environment for yourself in order to succeed and reach your health goals. We have some great tips on creating this supportive environment around food, nutrition, and health for you to begin creating a path toward health, success, and quality of life.

  1. Communicate!

    Whoever happens to play a large role in your life, it is crucial to have open communication about what you are working toward and what your goals are. The people we are closest to tend to have the biggest effects on our lives and choices and many times also unknowingly make comments that can trigger undesirable thoughts or behaviors. This is why it is crucial to set up open communication about our needs within the process of working on nutrition, body image, or lifestyle changes. It allows others in our lives to provide supportive comments or be mindful when they make comments or decisions in relation to eating out, portion sizes, or body image rather than unknowingly sabotage our health goals.

  2. Minimize or Eliminate Negative Influences in Your Life!

    While negative triggers will always exist, those that are disposable, eliminate. Take those irresistible chocolates out of your house, don’t spend more time than necessary around negative or anxiety causing individuals, and maybe even get rid of your scale! By minimize negative influences within your life you are more likely to maintain a positive mental state toward success rather than failure.

  3. Respond vs React, Be Mindful!

    Take the time to develop an awareness of what challenges cause you to feel like you cannot continue moving toward your goals and learn to acknowledge the trigger, accept it, and move forward rather than react and fall into negative temptations or the urge to give up. Allow yourself to be aware throughout the process and take the time to take a step back and respond so you can continue to succeed.

  4. Include Supportive Individuals in Your Life!

    Whether you have a supportive family, a significant other, friends, or even practitioners such as a Registered Dietitian or Therapist on board with your path to reach your health and nutrition goals it will make a world of difference. Have that person you can be accountable to and will be a part of the process with you, being there for the good moments as well as the tough moments where you want to fall back to previous eating behaviors. Sometimes having a practitioner on board can be very beneficial to ensure that you aren’t solely relying on someone close to you as your only source of support.

  5. Create a Calm Environment for Meal Times

    Meal times are a great opportunity to reset and check-in with ourselves, create an environment with light conversation, maybe calm background music, and no technology distractions. Take this time to focus on providing yourself nourishment the correct portion sizes, enjoy your food, and take control of your health.

These are just a few tips to help develop a successful supportive environment to reach your nutrition and health goals. I encourage you to really take the time to commit to this lifestyle change and create an environment you can thrive in long term!

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