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Many of us who are trying to reach nutrition, fitness, or general health goals work really hard to stay on track during the week or for a set period of time, but like to incorporate “cheat days” to make us feel a little less deprived while not feeling guilty for treating ourselves. Many times we choose the weekends to be our cheat days as these are the days where we want the opportunity to  relax, be a little less stressed and regimented and have a little bit of fun.

This being said, for many of us, the weekends are when we have the most flexibility to choose what we want to do with our time rather than trying to squeeze everything in to a busy schedule. If you are looking to truly succeed though, these cheat days can many times lead to lack of results, or going back to where we started. What if, instead of dieting, we develop an overall healthy lifestyle without cheat days? This sounds crazy right? Well what if I told you promoting an overall healthy lifestyle allows you to incorporate to foods you enjoy most in to your eating plan so you don’t feel deprived and don’t need a cheat day?

Weekends, in fact, are one of the best opportunities to maximize your healthy lifestyle because you actually have some time! Take the opportunity to use your weekends to your advantage-

  1. Find your favorite fun physical activity and add it to your weekend plans.
  2. Have a cooking party with your family or friends and prepare a range of healthy dishes that you can also use the leftovers during the week.
  3. Try out that new healthy restaurant in your area!
  4. Have a drink with your friends (age permitting) or have some dessert in moderation and enjoy it!
  5. Get some good quality sleep! Sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and promoting optimized metabolism and energy levels.
  6. If you are going to be out of the house for awhile, keep some healthy snacks with you so you can keep the energy going through your fun weekend activities!

Reaching your health and nutrition goals should not feel like a deprived, miserable process, it should contribute to your overall mental and physical well being! So next time you feel you need to make weekends your “cheat days” take a second to reevaluate the methods you are using to reach your nutrition and health goals and begin working toward a healthy lifestyle!

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