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Welcome to week 8 of our Healthy Holidays Blog series where we are helping you stay on track with your health while still enjoying your favorite holiday treats this holiday season!

I hope your last few weeks of the year are going well as we get closer to our final December Holidays and New Year’s.

In week 7 we discussed tips to stay on track with your health and reaching your nutrition goals in the last month of the year.

Now that we are in the last couple weeks of December, we are at the height of running around getting last minute gifts, meeting end of the year deadlines, and attending numerous holiday parties! This week we have tips for you to find creative ways to stay active this holiday season despite feeling like you couldn’t possibly make time to fit in a work out with your packed holiday schedule.

  1. In Office work outs! Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t mean you can’t be active! Buy a resistance band and do exercises while you work! Look up some other office workouts that you can use to take a quick 5 minute break in your office, stay active, and keep your mind working at it’s best!


  1. Use your shopping trips as time to get some extra steps in! Park a little further away from the stores and take the long routes walking within the mall. Pick up the pace of your walking between stores and use those bags for some weight bearing exercise. You will get your shopping done faster and get your heart rate going!


  1. Sign up for a Holiday 5K! There are so many fun holiday races that you can walk or run that give you something to work toward and add a fun theme to get you up and going.


  1. Take Some Dance Lessons so you can show off your moves at those Holiday Parties! This can be a great way to get yourself moving, allow you to take time to connect with your significant other, give you something fun and active to do, and of course has the added bonus of having moves to show off at the holiday parties!


  1. Put your workout on your schedule! If your workout is on your schedule it is another thing that has to get done, make sure you schedule it at a time of the day where you can be most motivated and choose activities that you enjoy so they are worth taking a break from your busy holiday schedule. As an added bonus you will have more energy, work more efficiently, and stay healthier!

Do you have anything you do to stay stay active despite your busy holiday schedule? I would love to hear your ideas!

Check back next week for our week 9 topic: Take on your New Year’s Health with a Step Up- Making your Changes Last!

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Wishing you a happy, healthy week!

-Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

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