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#wellnesswednesday and a belated #transformationtuesday! The picture on the left was in 2009 at my very first Ballroom showcase the picture on the right is from this year at my first pro competition (at USDC). At 17 (on the left) I was transitioning from being a competitive gymnast to being less active, only taking a dance lesson about once a week as well as suffering from GI problems. As a teen in this already transition time of my life was struggling with weight gain post gymnastics and dealing with food sensitivities that I hadn’t figured out. This was a time in my life that really sparked my interest in nutrition to figure out what I could eat to not feel sick as well as shifting my eating habits to become more healthful and get a better handle on my weight. Fast forward to this year, I have a much better handle on my food sensitivities and have developed a much more healthful eating lifestyle. These changes helped improve my energy, my mood, my ability to focus, my weight management and my overall health so that I had the ability to push myself further and take a huge step toward my dance goals! Following my passions not only with dance but with nutrition, going through intensive schooling to become a registered dietitian and opening my own practice has allowed me to help others too! I understand your experiences and that lifestylelchanges are not easy! I am committed to providing the best care to help every client work toward their individual needs to be successful, improve their overalll health, quality of life and nutrition Long term!
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Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS,RDN
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