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Hi everyone! For #motivationmonday I have a little bit of a different post than I normally do. As I spend much of my day to day time working full time as a #registereddietitiannutritionist in my practice #atasteofhealth, teaching Ballroom, and training for my own competitive dancing, I usually don’t make time for what people consider your classic workout except maybe something here and there once or twice a week. Today I had a full day off and took advantage of the weather (my first snow as a #colorado resident) and went down to the gym in my Complex and stretched, worked out and even jumped on the elliptical for a bit which was a refreshing add on to my usual weekly routine especially with a great view of the snow. My message here is to set aside time for physical activity and find the activities you most enjoy (dancing for me) but also be open to exploring other avenues of activity once in awhile!!
I hope you all have a great start to your week filled with #health and #wellness!
– @denvers_dancing_dietitian
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