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Welcome to week 2 of our Healthy Holidays Blog series where we are helping you stay on track with your health while still enjoying your favorite holiday treats this holiday season!

Happy Halloween!

In week one we discussed ways on Halloween and during Halloween celebrations how we can stay on track with our health, but what do we do with all those leftovers after the celebrations are over?

For week 2 we are going to give you some great tips on how to overcome the leftover Halloween Candy and of course that dreaded candy drawer at work!

  1. Play to your human laziness! If you have a soft spot for Halloween Candy and don’t want to get rid of it, put it at the back of the cupboard out of site and when you decide to treat yourself take one and put the rest away immediately, believe me you won’t want to make the effort to go back and dig for more.
  2. Can’t handle having the candy in the house?Donate your leftover candy! There are many organizations that will take your extra candy and give it to those who were not able to get their share of Halloween treats!
  3. Use the candy for arts and crafts! Get creative with your candy and use it for some fun art projects with your kids!
  4. For that dreaded office candy, make sure you have a healthy snack on hand at all times so when you are hungry you have the mid-day munchies you can go for your snack instead of the candy!

Is there anything you do to help avoid that left over or office candy? I would love to hear any personal tips you may have that help you stay on track!

Check back next week for our week 3 topic: Holiday Potlucks- How to Enjoy without going overboard!

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Wishing you a fantastic and safe Halloween and a healthy, happy holiday season!

-Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN

Denver’s Dancing Dietitian

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