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Carbohydrates have become vastly misunderstood and topic of conflict in recent years. Are carbs good or bad for me? Are carbs going to make me fat? Do I need carbs for energy? Are there different types of carbs? Since this topic is an area of confusion for many individuals, I provided a seminar at Natural grocers to clear up many of these misconceptions and allow for a better understanding of what carbs are and why they are vital!

Here is the full video seminar!: Carbs: The Good, The Bad, and The Misunderstood-Video Seminar

Many people associate cutting carbs with weight loss and improved health in today’s society, low carb “keto”, “Paleo” diets, or other low carb diets. Will you lose weight quickly by drastically decreasing your carb consumption? Very likely yes. Will you likely experience fatigue and brain fog, not having the energy to think at the level you need for work or the energy to exercise and been active? Also very likely yes. Do most people follow this diet successfully follow it for a few weeks/months then stop and gain all the weight if not more back? Yes.
While everyone is different and some people will respond differently to extreme dietary changes, as a general rule, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the brain. Without enough carbohydrates, we can’t think straight and our body’s fatigue because we do not have one of the primary sources of energy our body needs for optimal function.
While there is new research showing that diets that are low carb/put your body in a state of “ketosis” are not as detrimental for your average person SHORT TERM as we once thought, there is no resounding research on the long term effects of low carb diets. Additionally, many people following low carb diets tend to go overboard on high fat and high protein foods which can also be detrimental to many areas of health in excess.
Am I saying eat as many of any type of carbs you want all the time? No, but having a moderate amount of higher fiber, whole grain carbohydrates (minimizing refined carbs-only once in awhile) balanced throughout the day, promoting blood sugar stability and keeping our body metabolically efficient allows us, when combined with adequate protein and healthy fat balance, the ability to function optimally and lose/maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle without feeling constantly deprived.
While I could go on for days about this topic, I felt it was a good time to share and begin to debunk/discuss this topic as it leads to confusion for many people trying to reach their weight and health goals!

I would love to hear what feedback you all have to offer based on your experiences!

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